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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 Running Shoes (2E Width) Men [OCZ83b] Green - Brooks Running Hot Sale

Products Model: Men's Footwear 1077

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  • Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 Running Shoes (2E Width) Men [OCZ83b] Green - Brooks Running Hot Sale

  • Adrenaline GTS 16 Running Shoes (2E Width)
    Evolution rather than revolution is how describe the Adrenaline GTS16 in comparison to it's predeccesor.
    The best-selling Adrenaline GTS running shoe is renowned for its dependable support and ample cushioning, making it the reliable choice for runners looking for an unbelievably smooth and balanced ride.

    Upper - Seamless Saddle Design
    The ever popular Adrenaline GTS 16 Running Shoe is back for the 16th model, and is set as one of the world's leading stability running shoes. The upper of the Adrenaline GTS 16 uses a dynamic mesh material that is highly breathable, durable and supportive. It extends the full structure, conforming to the feet and allows fresh air to permeate the layers, keeping the feet cool and comfortable as you perform. Working in unison, moisture-managing capability's on the interior, are placed into the lining to actively wick sweat vapors away from the surface of the skin for fast drying comfort.Supporting the Stretchy mesh material, overlays are strategically positioned in the shoe to deliver a secure and snug fit. Extending from the heel through to the forefoot, it works perfectly with the adjustable saddle construction that gives a more secure and personalized midfoot lockdown. The nearly seamless design is set out for an effortless run, reducing irritation while securing the perfect balance of strength, support and soft upper cushioning.
    Midsole - Biomogo DNA
    DNA is an innovative and uniquely adaptive cushioning system. By adapting to your specific weight, pace, gait and running surface, DNA offers customized cushioning and adds a spring to your step. Traditional cushioning takes a one-size-fits-all approach, but we know that each runner is different. DNA was developed to continuously tailor the level of cushioning to your specific needs - even as they change during the run.DNA is made up of a highly viscous non-Newtonian material or more simply put, a material that adapts to the specific force you apply to it. Part of the brilliance is that this compound was engineered to perform at the molecular level (picture millions of resilient 'nanosprings').If you looked at DNA through a microscope, you'd see that it's made up of individual molecules connected in strands. These strands (which form chains) react to the amount of force placed on the foot, dispersing pressure and providing resiliency. Bottom line of this physics lesson: You get tailored cushioning that reacts to your specific weight, pace, gait, movement and running environment - "made-for-me" cushioning vs. "one size fits all."Working alongside the midsole cushioning, The Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB) reduces excess pronation and guides the body to do its natural movement pattern for added control.
    Outsole - Segmented Crash Pad
    The Segmented Crash Pad customizes your foot's lay-down to provide amazing cushion and smooth heel-to-toe transition throughout the run. Brook's know that a key component of maximizing your run is to provide the smoothest possible heel-to-toe transition. The Segmented Crash Pad is one technology they use to achieve this goal.Shaped like a caterpillar, the Segmented Crash Pad is a midsole/outsole made up of independent, yet fully integrated shock absorbers. As your foot strikes the ground, the segments work together to customize your individual lay down to provide the right amount of cushion and seamless heel-to-toe transition for you - making the most of all that effort you put into each stride.Finally on the outsole, high-abrasion rubber placements deliver reliable traction and sole durability on flat road terrains whether wet or warm.
  • Mesh Structure - For breathability and a lightweight feel.
  • Moisture Wicking Lining - Releases moisture away from the body, keeping you dry and comfortable.
  • Saddle Construction - Pulls from the heel to wrap the midfoot in a secure fit.
  • Synthetic Overlays - Provides optimal support and security.
  • Biomogo DNA Midsole - Dynamically adapts to every step and stride.
  • Segmented Crash Pad - Accommodates any foot landing and delivers smooth transitions.
  • Updated V-Groove - Folds deeper inward to disperse impact outward.
  • Progressive Diagnol Rollbar - Guides the body back into its natural motion pattern.
  • High-Abrasion Rubber placements - Delivers reliable traction and sole durability on flat road terrains.
  • Ideal For - Flat to medium arches.
  • Great For Road Running
  • Midsole drop -12mm.
  • Type - Support
  • Weight - 314.7 g.
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