Buttercream: What to Know?

For customers who want to order a cake or cupcakes, you need to know the differences between cake toppings or icings as right now, in several bakeries like in the Publix Bakery, for instance, you can request the icings that you want. In this article, then it will be discussed what it means by buttercream.

Buttercream is a cream made from a mixture of butter, cream, icing sugar and vanilla essence. There is also a bakery buttercream mixing dough with a little shortening. Cream of this type is suitable for all types of cakes, especially butter cake. If customers want to book the wedding feast, it is proposed that this kind of cream because it is cheap and tasty. The negative side of this type of icing cream is that it can get easily smudgy as it cannot stand the heat. In fact, it is also not suitable if it needs a long journey for the cake to arrive at your place from the bakery.