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Inov8 Base Elite Triblend Women [BUL4a] Red - Inov8 T Shirts Well Sale

Products Model: Women's Apparel 5662

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  • Inov8 Base Elite Triblend Women [BUL4a] Red - Inov8 T Shirts Well Sale
  • The 'Tri Blend' range of t-shirts from Inov-8 utilises a tripartite fabric construction to deliver an equal balance of performance, style and durability. Polyester retains shape and prolongs the garment's longevity, cotton suffuses it with a decadently soft texture that sits comfortably against the skin and Rayon affords its primary functional elements, by wicking excess moisture away from the skin and forming an athletic fit that adheres to the body without impeding range of motion.A crew neck effectively and naturally regulates the wearer's temperature whilst a printed graphic finishes it in a nice, distinctive aesthetic.
  • Construction - 50% polyester, 25% cotton, 25% rayon.
  • Polyester - The more durable material of the three retains shape and preserves the garment's longevity.
  • Cotton - Sits pleasantly against the skin and makes the garment comfortable to wear.
  • Rayon - Allows the garment to adopt and athletic fit that doesn't impede range of motion whilst also wicking excess moisture away from the skin.
  • Crew Neck - Naturally regulates the wearer's temperature.
  • Printed Graphic - Finishes the piece in an aesthetic and delivers a serious statement in style.
There is a different kind of athlete...'One not content to stand still. They are brave, obsessed and courageous. You can call them many things. But never ordinary. They push boundaries. Stretch limits. Challenge everything. For them, there are no limits.They measure their gear as they measure themselves.They strip it back. Make it pure. Everything is scrutinised. Everything perfected. And they choose us. Because we get it.' - Inov-8
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