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New Balance 577V4 Women [NXH14q] Grey - New Balance Gym Just Buy It

Products Model: Women's Footwear 3639

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  • New Balance 577V4 Women [NXH14q] Grey - New Balance Gym Just Buy It

  • New Balance 577V4 Women's Training Shoes

    Stay well protected and comfortable in the New Balance 577V4 Women's Training Shoe. For an enhanced performance in the weight room or on the cross-fit circuit, the shoe is durable, reliable and suitable for multiple occasions.
    Leather Upper A strong and durable leather upper allows the wearer to have a sturdy shoe with masses of protection, especially in the weight room. The material gives an all round stronger look to the shoe, and even though the weight is increased from a typical shoe, the comfort and performance is in no way sacrificed. Inside the shoe is a New Balance ultra soft insert which makes it cushioned and comfortable for the wearer, as well as being adaptable to a range of motions. The tight lacing system will prevent the foot from being loose and causing distraction to your workout.
    Lightweight Cushioned Midsole A super cushioned midsole allows for extra responsive cushioning, which also reduces the amount of impact your feet endure after each step. Your feet will feel nurtured and protected through every stride and enables the wearer to train with or without socks and not sacrifice the comfort or performance in any way.
    Rubber Outsole The rubber outsole boasts an incredible range of flexibility, returning energy back to your feet from any angle. This helps to create a stable base which is perfect for training in the gym and performing in cross-fit workouts where a good, solid core is required. A strong outsole will also boost the chances of preventing injury as a firm, well-balanced landing is assured.
  • Leather Upper - Durable, practical and do not sacrifice comfort.
  • New Balance Insert - Ultra soft, for cushioning and comfort.
  • Lightweight Cushioned Midsole - Extra responsive cushioning.
  • Rubber Outsole - Boasts an incredible range of flexibility and transfers energy back to your feet.
  • Weight - 200g.
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