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New Balance M880v7 Running Shoes Men [ALE37y] Blue - New Balance Running Wholesale

Products Model: Men's Footwear 3613

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  • New Balance M880v7 Running Shoes Men [ALE37y] Blue - New Balance Running Wholesale

  • New Balance M880v7 Running Shoes

    The New Balance M880v7 Running Shoes are designed to support you for the long haul. Great for going long distances, it features a breathable mesh FantomFit upper with a no-sew overlay engineered to offer ultra-light support and fit.

    Breathable Mesh Upper
    A synthetic mesh upper has been designed in such a way that it wraps the feet within a breathable environment; whilst remaining structurally sound. This systematic approach to ensuring the feet prevail in keeping both cool and dry has been achieved through, allowing air to permeate the exterior and thus working its way within. With no-sew overlays aiding the mesh upper, structural stability is granted and potential foot irritation diminished, ensuring you have the most comfortable ride you could ask for.
    Dual-Cushioned Midsole
    Two cushioning foams work together to soften each step while intelligent geometries in the midsole and outsole deliver inherent stability that helps you keep going. If you're putting in the miles, this neutral cushioning men's running shoe is ready to perform from mile 1 until you're ready to stop. TruFuse is the combination of 2 rubber compounds to create the ultimate blend of cushioning and shock absorption. On on hand is a superior blend of foam cushioning and compression set, it features rubber to provide excellent bounce back and structural integrity, whilst on the other hand is a foam that is 24% lighter than New Balance's standard compression moulded foam for optimal compression set properties. In engineering terms, it resists compression set, enabling it to last much longer (as a shoe). The 10 mm drop has been employed to further enhance the cushioning characteristics of the shoe, absorbing impact along the way.
    Blown Rubber Outsole
    The outsole of the 880v7 has been integrated with NDurance technology, a rubber compound utilised to provide maximum outsole durability, whilst simultaneously yielding unrivalled traction. Completed with blown rubber inserted along NDurance, ensures the sole remains pliable, adapting to differing surfaces where necessary.
  • Mesh Upper - Provides a breathable environment, keeping the wearer cool and dry.
  • FantomFit - Created by fusing two thin materials with a no-sew process to provide ultra light support and fit.
  • No-sew Material Application - Reduces the overall weight of the shoe without sacrificing support.
  • TruFuse - Absorbs shock and displaces energy, softening impact, foot-strike after foot-strike.
  • NDurance - Provides maximum outsole durability generating a longer lasting shoe.
  • Blown Rubber Outsole - Supplies a supreme purchase underfoot with increased traction when off-road running.
  • Heel Drop 10mm
  • Weight - 314.5g
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