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Reebok All Terrain Super 3.0 Women [RKI7w] Grey - Reebok Running Best Sale

Products Model: Women's Footwear 3965

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  • Reebok All Terrain Super 3.0 Women [RKI7w] Grey - Reebok Running Best Sale

  • Reebok All Terrain Super 3.0 Women's Trail Running Shoes

    Take your trail happy feet for a ride. Grab this shoe when you want to take on tight turns and dirt. Barrel through puddles backed with protection from the gripping underfoot lugs and H20 drain technology. While you rack up mile after mile, the cushioned midsole keeps comfort on your side.
    Breathable Seamless Upper A breathable seamless upper provides the wearer with full foot protection to tackle the most arduous of terrains, and clock up the miles when trail running. Having protection is vitally important as the unpredictable ground can cause problems and mean you are at high risk of injury. Not only is protection crucial, the low-cut design will offer a much needed freedom of movement in the ankles so you are able to make every stride count and really push the boundaries without any hindrances or distraction to slow you down. The useful H2O drain technology disperses water from the sidewall, to keep you dry and light and avoid you becoming cumbersome or heavy whilst in the shoe. The iconic Reebok logo is also featured on the sidewall.
    CMEVA Midsole Comfort and support is suitably provided thanks to the CMEVA midsole which acts as long lasting cushioning to help you have softer landings and reduce the impact and strain on your feet and body which could lead to injuries. Not only does the midsole help dissipate impact, it bolsters your running style and reduces over-pronation which again, may cause discomfort. The extra cushioning will further enhance performance as the comfort in each stride will help over a long distance such as trail runs where it is more difficult than road running for example.
    Sticky Rubber Outsole With trail running, one of the most essential requirements is traction. The sticky rubber outsole guarantees both grip and traction with the aid of indented lugs so you can dominate the most difficult of terrain and eliminate your competition or beat your previous record times. You may encounter harmful objects when trail running, and this is where the underfoot rock guard comes in handy as your foot is protected against sharp objects to prevent injury or discomfort.
  • Breathable Seamless Upper - Provides full foot protection.
  • Low-Cut Design - Offers freedom of movement at the ankles.
  • CMEVA Midsole - Provides lasting cushion.
  • Sticky Rubber Outsole - Provides grip and traction.
  • Underfoot Rock Guard - Protects the foot against sharp objects.
  • H20 Drain Technology - Disperses water from the sidewall.
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