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Reebok CrossFit Speed Women [QZB21d] Black - Reebok Gym Outlet Online Shop

Products Model: Women's Footwear 3959

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  • Reebok CrossFit Speed Women [QZB21d] Black - Reebok Gym Outlet Online Shop

  • Reebok CrossFit Speed Women's Training Shoe

    Always be ready for your next rep. All direction stability keeps your base of support solid, helping you exert maximum power and reach top speeds. The Speed TR features specialised reinforcements such as a heel KippingKlip for efficient handstand pushups, a RopePro shank for durability and a responsive propulsion plate enabling high intensity transitions.
    Hot Melt Overlay Upper With the usage of monomesh and hot melt overlay upper you can ensure you remain breathable and ventilated whilst you workout and perform at your best in even the most arduous of crossfit challenges. The ventilation will allow your feet to remain cool, dry and comfortable and wick away any sweat or moisture that is inevitably built up whilst exercising. In turn, this will prevent any distraction or irritation so you are fully able to focus on performance. Even with such heavy ventilation, the shoe is extremely durable and will not wear away easily or hinder performance in any way. The shoe is not only comfortable, but reliable and a valuable addition to your crossfit collection. The low-cut design of the shoe is specifically aimed to provide a freedom of movement, and quicker transitions, meaning you are lighter on your feet and more mobile to really crank up the levels of performance. The tongue and lacing system is comfortable and does not get in the way or cause discomfort. As the laces are flat, they offer high end lateral and medial support which can only enhance performance. The anti-friction collar and tongue lining to reduce moisture and heat build up. KippingKlip TPU on the back heel allows for a smooth transition up and down the wall for those often programmed HSPUs.
    Ultra Soft Compression Midsole During crossfit and training programmes you are bound to put a lot of undue strain on your feet which can have negative impacts on other parts of your body such as knees and joints. The Reebok shoe has an ultra soft, compression midsole which will act as an ally to reduce the amount of shock upon impact meaning a smoother, softer ride and landing. The RopePro shank stretches from the midsole to the outsole and offers a reliable source of protection against friction and sliding which is highly beneficial during a crossfit workout where short, sharp, nimble movements are required.
    Flared Outsole Firm footing is assured with the flared outsole as it provides a super stable lifting base to help with your form and posture as you push the reps in the weights room. This is achieved courtesy of metasplit flex grooves which act as a solid foundation and platform for the rest of your body to operate on. Having solidity in the feet will only help you obtain the best results possible and reduce the risk of injuries and discomfort in the process.
  • Monomesh - Keeps your feet ventilated and wicks away moisture.
  • Low-Cut Design - Provides a freedom of movement, and quicker transitions.
  • Flat Lace and Anti-Friction Tongue - Offers lateral support and reduces the build up of moisture and heat.
  • KippingKlip TPU - Allows for smooth transitions up and down the wall.
  • Ultra Soft, Compression Midsole - Reduces shock impact and helps to support the joints.
  • RopePro Shank - Protects against friction and sliding.
  • Flared Outsole - Gives a super stable lifiting base.
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