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Holding the most important authority in a company, being a corporate HRD may not necessarily provide the most comfortable and most comfortable position in an office. An HRD usually has some negative image in the eyes of employees. HRDs sometimes have poor relationships with employees and they tend to be difficult to be strategic business partners. In this situation, an HRD will find themselves in a difficult situation where both employees and managers believe that HR supports them. This can often lead to situations in which HR is scandalised and nobody is satisfied with the outcome. Visit our website and join PHR practice test.

It is very difficult to win the hearts of employees back when they have formed a bad opinion of corporate HRD. Employees feel that HRD staff members are not objective and unjust. Their desire to keep their jobs and earn a higher salary and their next promotion are sometimes hampered by HRD. An HRD is also vulnerable to supporting managers for employees without evidence in the situation. They assume that complaints against other employees are true and that the majority of complaints and situations are never resolved.

Employees expect HRD people to defend their interests. But you are also required to support every policy of Top Management. By balancing between two poles that both pull your hand. Then you will gain trust. Clear communication, available aspiration channels, the opportunity for everyone to express their opinions, consistently enforced rules, develop mutual respect. These are the things that must be maintained to create an atmosphere of openness in the office.

Are you interested in becoming a corporate HRD? In addition, you should be able to perform the duties and responsibilities mentioned above, of course, you also must be patient and wise in dealing with employees with various characters. HR Professionals should always be ready to help managers assist and develop employees in their respective lines. That way, progress and innovation can be sustainable. And if necessary accompanied by utilisation of technology to improve HRD function itself.